Thursday, January 29, 2015

Norwex Facebook Party

I am having a Norwex party on Facebook tonight at 8:30 if anyone would like to join in and earn prizes. Norwex has wonderful green earth products. I love them. If you don't want to attend but would like to order, here is the direct link. I highly encourage everyone to check it out.

direct link

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Charity Pattern- Basic Walker Bag

My grandma has recently had knee surgery and is forced to have a walker. She is none to happy about it, by the way, but she is being a good sport none the less. She needs a bag for her walker so she can keep her phone and other necessities handy so I totally said I would make her one.

Without further ado, I present the Basic Walker Bag. It's a simple BASIC design that will work great for men and women. A must in charity projects. It will fit most walkers on the front or side. Feel free to make many for your local nursing homes and veterans programs.

Basic Walker Bag


WW yarn- Approx. 650 yards or 2 skeins of ILTY or RH
H hook
Gauge:  3hdc/inch


FPhdc= front post half double crochet
BPhdc= back post half double crochet
Hdc= half double crochet
Ch.= chain
Sc= single crochet

Let’s Begin

Ch.36 using foundationless single crochet
1. Ch.1, turn, hdc in each. Ch.1, turn (36)
2. * FPhdc, BPhdc* Repeat from *to* across. Ch.1, turn (36)
3. Repeat FPhdc and BPhdc pattern across. Ch.1, turn (36)
4-89: Hdc in each. Ch.1, turn (36)

90: *FPhdc, BPhdc* Repeat from *to* across. Ch.1, turn (36)

91: *FPhdc, BPhdc* Repeat from *to* across. Chl.1, turn (36)

92. Sc in each. (36)
Do NOT fasten off after row 92.

Fold the bottom edge up and clip level to row 40. Fold the top edge up and clip level to row 52. Make sure the pockets are on the same side as each other.

Now, Ch.30, slip stitch back down the chain, Sc 11 (this should bring you to the other pocket), Ch.30, slip stitch back down the chain, Sc through both layers down the side, Sc 2 in the corner, Sc in the exposed loops along the bottom edge of the pocket, Sc 2 in the corner, Sc through both layers, Ch. 30, slip stitch back down the chain, Sc 11, Ch.30, slip stitch back down the chain, Sc through both layers, Sc 2 in the corner, Sc along the exposed loops along the bottom edge, Sc 2 in the corner and then Sc through both layers until you get to the beginning. Fasten off and weave in ends.

To use on walkers, fold bag over the bar with the pockets out. Secure with ties. This bag can be used in the front or the side of the walker.



Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Happy New Year! Let's clean

Every new year, I feel the urge to give my house a good cleaning. I am not a shabby cleaner normally but stuff seems to pile up at the end of the year. It seems, I usually start in the kitchen and I noticed that my dishcloths are getting kinda yucky looking. Some have even managed to get into the garbage disposal and got chewed up. :(  What's a girl to do? Make some new ones of course and share the new pattern with all of you!

Introducing the Scrap Buster Dishcloth!! Ta-da!!


Size 9, 5.5mm Straight needles
WW cotton yarn such as Lily Sugar ‘N Cream less than 1 oz. (.7oz to be exact)
Tapestry needle


Finished cloth measures approx. 7.5 x 7.5in
4 K stitches per inch
Stitch pattern of 3 +1 + any edge stitches you may wish


CO= cast on
BO= bind off
Psso= pass slipped stitch over knitted stitches


1. This dishcloth is worked back and forth. You will turn after every row
2. When you see this, “repeat from *to*”, work everything between the * for the specified amount of times
3. You should be able to get 2 dishcloths out of every ball of yarn. BONUS!
Let’s Begin

Using any basic CO method,
CO 33
1-6: K in each
7: K5, *YO, slip 1, K2, psso both knit stitches* repeat from *to* until last 4 stitches, K4
8: K4, p25, K4
9: K4, *slip 1, K2, psso both knit stitches, YO* repeat from *to* until last 5, k5

10. K4, p25, K4
11-34: Repeat rows 7-10, 6 more times
35-37: Repeat Rows 7-9
38-42: K in each.

BO. Fasten off and weave in ends.



Saturday, January 3, 2015

Wow, it's been awhile since I have posted anything. The Christmas season is killer for me so I don't post much during that time. Anyhoo, now that the rush is over, I have been able to continue working on what I was designing. Here is a sneak peak. It's still in progress as long as a different version. So far, I love them.