Friday, May 23, 2014

Memorial Day Sale

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Have a great Memorial Day with friends and family

Saturday, May 17, 2014

My latest test project

I had the great pleasure of testing The Cat Cave for Knot by Gran'Ma recently and it was a blast. I love how the finished product turned out and the pattern was very clear.  I did two different versions of the Cat in WW yarn and the other in Bulky yarn. I personally like the bulky one better.

My two kitties, Lucy and Coco , like them very much.

You can purchase the pattern here:

Cozy Pet Bed

Every animal needs a warm and cozy place to sleep. My newest pattern provides just that. It works up quickly and takes less that 2 skeins of Lion Brand Thick and Quick

The Cozy Pet Bed in now  available on Craftsy and Ravelry. Enjoy!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Not one but 2

Ok, so maybe we are crazy but we couldn't resist getting not 1 but 2 new kitties. Please meet Lucy and Coco


 It has been so fun watching them play lately and I just couldn't resist designing more cat toys. Last week I designed the 10 Minute Mouse. This week I would like to show you all the next pattern in the line of cat toys....

Hedgehog Cat Toy...

Coco likes it



WW yarn

H hook

Fiber Fil

Bell (optional)

Tapestry needle


Sc=single crochet

Sl st= slip stitch

scLoop st= single crochet loop stitch ( stitch tutorial available on CrochetPatternCentral)

sc2looptog= single crochet 2 loop stitches together. This is worked like a sc2tog but using the loop stitch.



Let’s Begin


With Ivory

1. 4 sc using magic loop method (4) Do not join, work in spiral


2. Sc in each (4)


3. 2 sc in each (8)


4. *2 sc, sc 1* repeat from *to* around (12)


Change to brown


5. *2sc, sc2* repeat from *to* around (16)


6. *2sc, sc3* repeat from *to* around (20)


7. sc in each (20)


8. Sl st into next sc, ch.1, TURN,  Sc loop st into 1st sc and in next 23. Do not join, Do not turn after this row. You will be back to working in a spiral

9-11. Sc loop stitch in each (20)


12. *Sc2looptog, sc loop stitch into next 3* repeat from *to* around (16)


13. *Sc2looptog, sc loop stitch into next 2* repeat from *to* around (12)


14. *Sc2looptog, sc loop stitch into next* repeat from *to* around (8)


15. Sc2looptog around (4)


16. Ch. 15, sl st in 2nd chain from hook and in next 13. Sl st into ring of 4 sc.

Please do not copy, alter, sell or redistribute this pattern or pictures in any way, shape or form. If you see this pattern being offered by anyone but me (mommiknits) please contact me. You may sell whatever you make from this pattern. Please give me credit for the pattern in your listing.


Friday, May 9, 2014

10 Minute Mouse Cat Toy

We are welcoming new addition to the family in a few weeks and I am very excited...maybe more than the kids. I mean who wouldn't love this little cutie
So now what to make for the little fur ball...of course a mouse. But all the free mouse patterns online have separate pieces to sew together. Who has time or the patience for that. Plus they could fall off and choke your little guy. So I decided to go to the store and scope out what the most popular mouse toys look like. This is what I found
Ok done!
Introducing the 10 Minute Mouse... And yes that's all it takes to make with VERY little scraps of WW yarn

10 Minute Mouse Cat Toy

Gauge is not terribly important on this.

Each mouse uses less than an ounce of yarn. Scraps really


WW yarn

H hook

Small Bell

Fiber Fill

Tapestry needle



Sc= single crochet

Hdc= half double crochet

Dc= double crochet

Hdc2tog= half double crochet 2 together

BLO= back loop only

FLO= front loop only


+Chain 2 does not count as a stitch

+This is worked flat until the end when you fold it in half

+You only need a VERY small amount of fiber fill for each mouse

Let’s Start!

 Ch. 9

1. Hdc in 2nd Ch from hook, hdc 7. Ch.2, turn (8)

2. 2 hdc in same stitch as ch2, hdc 6, 2 hdc in last. Ch.2, turn (10)

3. 2 hdc in same stitch as ch2, hdc 8, 2 hdc in last. Ch.2, turn (12)

4. 2 hdc in same stitch as ch2, hdc 10, 2 hdc in last. Ch.2, (14)

5. Chain 15, slip stitch in 2nd ch. from hook ( tail made), slip stitch 13, (continue to work along the row ) hdc2tog, hdc 10, hdc2tog in last 2. Ch.2, turn (12)

6. Hdc2tog, hdc 8, hdc2tog in last 2. Ch.2, turn (10)

7. Hdc2tog, hdc 6, hdc2tog. Ch.1, turn (8)

8. Sc 4 down the side, fold the piece in half, sc 4 through both layers. (face)

9. Sc 2, ch.1, TURN, *sc, 2dc, sc* all in the BLO of next sc, ch.1, *sc, 2dc, sc* all in the FLO of the same sc. (Ears made), sc 6 through both layers of body, stuff with fiber fill and a bell if you want at this point, sc 3 down the end. Slip stitch into both layers. Bind off and weave in ends.
Options for the tail

 1. Spiral: ch.9, dc3 in 3rd ch from hook in top loop only, dc3 in each or the next 7 top loops. It will begin to twirl but you will need to guide it into shape.

2. Knotted: ch. 15, slip stitch in each chain like the regular tail. After you bind off our mouse after row 9, go back to the tail and put a knot in the end.

Do not alter, copy, sell or redistribute this pattern or pictures in any way, shape or form without written consent from me. You may sell any products you make from this pattern buy please give me credit for the pattern.

I hope you all enjoy this. It is a GREAT scrap buster. I used washable wool yarn in the samples.